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The Happy Bride

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the happiest days of your life but it’s also likely to be one of the most expensive days too. With couples in the UK spending an average of £33,884 (2017) to tie the knot, the added expense of Wedding insurance might be one cost too many, which they think they can do without. However, for those who do decide to take a rain check on insurance, there’s always going to be two little words which may niggle at the back of  their minds…“what  if”.

The reality is that when it comes to your special day, you really can’t afford to take chances. For instance, just imagine you’ve put down a hefty deposit on the swanky venue you’ve always dreamed of, only for it to be burned to the ground a month before you should have been celebrating with family and friends. Alternatively, what if your caterer fails to turn up, or horror of horrors, drops your wedding cake? What would happen if your father was suddenly taken into hospital and you didn’t want to go ahead without him?  With so many overlapping arrangements needing to fall into place, and the wide scope for minor mishaps to occur or, if you’re really unlucky, for a more serious glitch to take place that takes the shine off your wedding day or make it necessary to actually cancel it altogether…apart from the emotional upset, could you really afford to lose the money you’ve already spent, only to pay it out all over again in the near future?

Wedding liability insurance

Wedding liability insurance is a relatively small one off payment which will give you peace of mind should anything unexpected happen which could ruin your big day. The cover for your money is also far reaching, compared to say car insurance, with a premium of as little as £35 covering up to £10,000 in cancellation costs. The cover rises proportionately with the amount of the premium, so naturally the more you pay out the better deal you get.

Generally speaking the main areas in which couples use insurance to protect themselves is cancellation of the wedding, failure of suppliers and damage to wedding clothing. However, Wedding insurance plans are also designed to take into account other eventualities such as the rings being lost, photographs or videos being damaged, presents being stolen, wedding transport failing to materialise, and caterers or entertainers not fulfilling their obligations. Additional insurance can also be purchased to cover such things as ceremonial swords (should one be required) and Marquees.

So, if you’re trying to cut costs by not paying for Wedding insurance, then perhaps you might like to think again. After all, what if….?

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