John Lewis Wedding Insurance


Levels of Cover


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Customer Service


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  • Six levels of cancellation cover
  • Max Cancellation Cover £100,000
  • Wedding photos cover included
  • Delivers outstanding customer service


  • Marquee cover extra
  • Overseas cover extra
  • Insurance starts from £60
  • Excludes cover for firearms, fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices or effects.

What does John Lewis wedding insurance cover?

I have been thinking about taking out John Lewis wedding insurance, but what does it actually cover?

When I looked into this I found that John Lewis wedding insurance has 6 levels of cover and all cover the following: Cancellation or rearrangement, Loss or damage, Failure of suppliers, Wedding rings, Wedding gifts, Legal expenses and Public liability. There are a couple of optional extras and these are Marquee cover and Overseas wedding cover.

John Lewis Wedding CoverSummary

John Lewis Wedding Insurance offers coverage to suit all kinds of budgets and eventualities that may occur. With six levels to choose from, prices starts from just £60.00 for up to £10,000 cancellation cover rising to £310.00 for up to £100,000 of cancellation cover. They also offer an additional worldwide coverage (except UK Government HM Treasury international financial sanctions list).

Why John Lewis Wedding Insurance?

Weddings are one of the biggest expenses that you will have in your lifetime, that’s why a John Lewis Wedding insurance plan helps protect you from the unexpected. From Florists to Photographers, Caterers to dress-makers, a lot of suppliers are used to make your wedding special. However, if one let’s you down at the last minute, then their wedding insurance could protect you from just £60.

It is recommended to take out Wedding Insurance as soon as you have paid out for any part of the Wedding Ceremony or Reception. This can be taken out up to two years before your wedding date.

John Lewis Wedding Insurance policy is there to safeguard your wedding day and their friendly staff are only a phone call away to assist you with your enquiries.

John Lewis Wedding Insurance offers comprehensive cover to cater for all budgets.

With six levels of cancellation cover to choose from £10,000 to £100,000 many items for you wedding are covered as standard. See the table below for further information and for Premium prices.

The higher the premium cost then the greater value of coverage is offered. So make sure that you choose a policy with sufficient cover so that you are not under-insured. If you were to choose the Tier 1 cover (£10,000 cancellation cover) and then go over £10,000 for the total cost of the wedding you must phone and increase your premium or else any claim could be refused.

John Lewis Insurance

So you’re busy planning your wedding and immersing yourself in venues, bridal gowns, flowers and catering, but what about wedding

insurance, does that feature in your plans? With weddings costing as much as a luxury family car, surely it makes sense to protect yourself should disaster strike.

John Lewis is a name, which is synonymous with quality and fair prices, and the same can be said of their wedding insurance.

Below is an overview of what John Lewis Wedding Insurance will cover you for.

Table of John Lewis Wedding Insurance Cover Types:


  • Six levels of cancellation cover
  • Offers a high level of protection
  • Max Cancellation Cover £100,000
  • Delivers outstanding customer service
  • Wedding photos cover included


  • Marquee cover extra
  • Overseas cover extra – public liability (excludes USA or Canada)
  • Insurance starts from £60
  • Excludes sickness or death caused by a pre-existing medical condition, pregnancy or either partner in the couple getting cold feet
  • Excludes cover for firearms, fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices or effects.

John Lewis Wedding Insurance is available in six levels of cover starting at less than £60 for £10,000 cancellation coverage and rising up to £310.00 for £100,000 cancellation coverage, so there really is a tier of insurance to cover all budgets. Clearly the higher the premium cost then the greater value of coverage is offered.

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Optional Extras

John Lewis Wedding DressBelow summarises the following events and losses classed as Optional Extras (available on payment of an additional premium):

Marquee Cover provides for loss or damage to the marquee.

Optional Overseas Wedding Cover is available. Please consider purchasing a separate Travel Insurance policy.

Levels of Cover

John Lewis insurance offers 6 levels of cover to meet all kinds of wedding budgets. They are called Level 1 through to Level 6.

The levels will cover you up to a maximum of £100,000 for Cancellation and Rearrangement, £50,000 for Failure of Suppliers and £15,000 for Wedding Gifts with their Level 6 cover.

Their cover begins from £60.00 and goes up to £310.00 depending on the level of cover you opt for.

What is covered by my policy?

Below details a list of what events and losses will be covered along with optional extras which are covered by your John Lewis Wedding Insurance Policy. To see the amount each event or loss is covered, please refer to the table above.

  • Reimbursement should your wedding be cancelled, plus any costs for re-arrangement. This doesn’t include one or other of you getting cold feet.
  • Wedding attire, which includes loss or damage to wedding and ceremonial attire.
  • Your wedding presents, rings, cake, stationery, and flowers are all covered should they get lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • Photographs/video – Should your photographer not turn up, or the negatives or digital media gets lost or damaged, then you can be rest assured that the cost of taking re-shoots is going to be covered.
  • Transport – Should your fairy-tale golden coach fail to materialise, or your limo doesn’t arrive, then although you’ll be disappointed, the insurance will compensate you.
  • Supplier failure – Don’t worry…if the worst happens and one of your suppliers goes bust or fails to turn up, then you won’t even be out of pocket. Any monies paid out will be reimbursed.
  • Public liability – Hopefully, you won’t have to claim on this one, but should you get held responsible for damaging a third party’s property or even worse for injuring another person, then cover of over £2 million is included.
  • Legal Expenses – Should there be an unfortunate dispute over personal injury or death, then John Lewis insurance provides legal cover for you and your family of up to £50,000.

Wedding Insurance ReceptionIn addition to the above, optional extras such as overseas wedding insurance or marquee cover can be purchased separately.

Should you need to make a claim then there is an excess of £50 to be paid on all levels.

Given the overall cost of your wedding, the price of John Lewis wedding insurance is a comparatively small price to pay for peace of mind, should the unexpected happen. As with any insurance there are certain limitation and exclusions, so read the small print to know exactly where you stand.

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Policy Documents

As with any insurance there are certain limitation and exclusions, so always read all of the documentation including the small print so that you feel comfortable with the level of cover and the terms and conditions.

Once you purchase your policy, you will be automatically protected and any deposits already paid will then be included. Your policy will expire 24 hours after your wedding or wedding reception, whichever is the later.

Below we have provided the John Lewis Wedding Insurance Policy documents.

Insurance Product Information Document

Policy wording

Essential Information

John Lewis Wedding Insurance FAQ

Am I eligible for Wedding Insurance from John Lewis Finance?

The policy holder must be over 18 years old and be the forthcoming bride, groom or a parent.

When should I take out a wedding insurance policy?

Wedding Insurance can be taken out up to two years before the wedding date so all deposits are covered.

Do pre-paid deposits get included when I take out my policy?

Yes, anything already booked or paid for will be covered from the purchase date of the policy.

Am I covered by bad weather on my wedding day?

Should the weather cause disruption of travelling for over half of your guests getting to the venue including yourself, then you will be covered.

Will John Lewis Wedding Insurance cover a wedding and reception if done abroad?

Please choose the Overseas Wedding Cover option when selecting your cover level and take out a separate Travel Insurance policy to cover your entire trip. Public liability cover will not apply to weddings and wedding receptions taking place in the USA or Canada.

Can I cancel my John Lewis Wedding Insurance policy?

You have up to 14 days after receiving your policy documents to cancel and get a full refund, as long as you haven’t already made a claim and your wedding hasn’t taken place. To change your policy call 0330 102 2747.

How and when should I pay for my John Lewis Wedding Insurance policy?

Make your premium as a one-off payment. Payment can be made with a credit or debit card.

Making a Claim

To make a claim contact John Lewis insurance on 0330 102 2759 as soon as you know something has gone wrong. Their lines are open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Saturday.

An excess charge of £50 is payable. Legal Expenses do not have an excess.

Contacting John Lewis Wedding Insurance (Not Claims)

You can contact their UK call centre by email or phone:
Telephone: 0330 102 2492

Lines are open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday,

9am to 5pm Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday