What If Disaster Strikes – What Is Covered By Wedding Insurance?

People always think that it won’t happen to them but it is an unfortunate fact of life that disasters can indeed strike a wedding. From last minute cancellation to the wedding limo failing to turn up, wedding insurance can offer protection against the unexpected and give you peace of mind.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a policy that is taken out to protect the couple’s expenditure on their wedding from a possible disaster, which is totally beyond their control. It reimburses them for deposits and other amounts that have been given to venues, suppliers and other services, should the worst happen.

So what does wedding insurance cover exactly?


The wedding may have been called off for a number of reasons such as the bride or groom suffering an injury or falling sick, one of the key members of the wedding party passing away, the venue being unable to open because of fire damage, or severe weather preventing guests from travelling. No, we’re not talking about a grey drizzly day or one or other of you getting cold feet.


This will cover additional costs that are incurred if the need arises to re-arrange the wedding or reception.

Bridal/ceremonial attire

What if you caught your heel in your dress and ripped it? Don’t worry wedding insurance will reimburse against loss or damage to the bridal attire and that of the groom and the attendants.

Failure of suppliers

Perhaps the company supplying furniture and fittings for your marquee failed to deliver or your caterer let you down at the last hour. Okay, these things can happen, but would you be reimbursed for the money you had already given them and covered for the cost of using other suppliers last minute.

Photography and video

What happens if your photographer fails to turn up or if the negatives or digital media gets lost or damaged? Well should this happen, the insurance will reimburse you for any deposits already paid and will cover the cost of the bridal couple and close wedding party having re-shoots taken, so you will get a photo album to cherish your memories.

Wedding rings, cake, flowers

Loss or damage to the wedding rings, cake and flowers can be heart breaking, but having insurance coverage will at least pay you back any money that you have spent on these items.

Wedding gifts

It’s not unheard of for wedding gifts to be stolen from the wedding reception venue whilst the wedding is taking place elsewhere. Insurance will protect against such loss and theft.

Cars and wedding transport

Should the limousine not turn up to collect the bride and another one has to be booked the same morning, costing three times as much, be rest assured that insurance will cover this cost.

Personal liability

Finally, most wedding insurance covers personal liability should the bride or groom be held responsible for any loss or damage to a third party’s property or injury to a person.

Wedding insurance can be tailored to meet your specific needs, and optional extras such as public liability, marquee cover, and ceremonial sword cover can also be purchased.  Just remember that all insurance has limitations and exclusions, so always read the small print so that you know exactly what is or isn’t covered.