Your Questions Answered

Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them but wedding cars can break down, your photographer may fail to turn up, and if the heavens open who’s to say your marquee won’t get flooded? With plenty of wedding insurance policies costing less than a bottle of decent champagne, why put yourselves and your big day at risk.

Here’s some commonly asked questions and answers which might make you say “I will” to wedding insurance.

Wedding Insurance – The Lowdown

Q. What is wedding insurance exactly?

A. Wedding insurance is a means of protecting the money spent on your wedding, which will not leave you out of pocket should things not go to plan on your big day. It covers any deposits and payments you have made to various suppliers and venues and gives you peace of mind should you have to cancel or if one of your suppliers goes bankrupt.

Q. How much does wedding insurance cost?

A. Typically wedding insurance costs anywhere between £20 and £200 with more coverage being offered the more you pay and unlike other insurances that may be paid monthly, all that is necessary is a one off single payment.

Q. What is usually covered by wedding insurance?

A. Generally speaking wedding insurance covers unexpected events, which are beyond your control such as illness, cancellation and supplier failure. In addition to this, other things are covered such as:

  • Wedding and ceremonial attire
  • Photography and video
  • Transport
  • Rings, presents, flowers and cake
  • Personal liability

Q. Are money and/or gift vouchers received as wedding gifts covered?

A. Some policies offer a limited cover for money and/or gift vouchers of up to £500.

Q. With so many different levels of insurance how do I know which one to choose?

A. Start by working out the total expense of your wedding, which will give you the total amount of cover needed. Then work your way through various policies to check that the amount of cover in each section meets your needs.

Q. Are all policies the same?

A. No, they can be very different, so it is important to read the details to see what is covered. For example, some policies will not cover deposits made before the insurance was taken out, others will not cover redundancy and some will not cover gift vouchers as wedding gifts.

Q. What happens if I need to make a claim…will I have to pay excess?

A. Again depending on the insurance company, some do and some don’t charge excess. Any excess is usually from £25 to £100 and may vary from one section to another.

Q.  Am I covered elsewhere?

A. Your home insurance policy may offer cover for your wedding gifts and your credit card may cover you for any deposits paid under the Consumer Credit Act, Section 75. However, a comprehensive wedding insurance policy covers most eventualities and guarantees peace of mind.

Q. When should I take out wedding insurance? 

A. We would suggest that you take out wedding insurance just before you’ve put down a deposit for any part of your event. Some insurers allow for the policy to be taken out as much as 24 months in advance, but you do need to check with your insurer.

Q. Who can take out wedding insurance?

A. This could be the bride or groom, the parents or legal guardians, but it needs to be in the name of the bride and groom, since it is their wedding.

Q. What about another person’s costs. Can they be covered?

A. If another person has paid for a particular part of the wedding then make sure that they have a receipt for that payment. Any claim will need to be processed by the policyholder and the reimbursed sum of money paid over to the other person.

Q.  Are deposits before the insurance is taken out, covered once the insurance is in place? 

A. In most cases yes, but again, check the wording of your policy carefully and make sure you have written contracts with suppliers. Also keep all of your receipts in a safe place.

Wedding Insurance Cover – The What If’s

Q. What if one of us is made redundant before the wedding?

A. With some insurers the bride, groom, or any key person who is making a significant financial contribution towards the cost of the wedding, will be covered as long as they had no prior knowledge of the likelihood of redundancy. However, it is only deposits that are covered. The insurance will not pay for any shortfall in the balances so that the wedding can still take place.

Q. What if one of us changes our mind about getting married?

A. Known in legal terms as “disinclination to proceed” or “change of heart” there aren’t at present any insurers in the UK who will cover this scenario.

Q. What if my wedding photos don’t come out?

A. If your photos can’t be printed because the negatives or digital media was stolen or damaged then most policies will cover the cost of the immediate wedding party getting together once more to re-take the photos together with the costs involved in retaking the photos.

Q. What if one of us has a pre-existing medical condition.  Can we still be covered?

A. Most pre-existing medical conditions for either the couple or close relatives are normally covered, but in the event of a terminal illness or a person awaiting treatment or test results from a terminal prognosis, then you would need to discuss this with your insurers before taking out the policy.

Q. What if my cake, flowers, or dress fails to arrive?

A. This is a commonly asked question, which can relate to the failure of any of your service providers. It could be the DJ not making an appearance, the caterer letting you down or the florist not delivering the flowers as agreed. In all of these cases you can claim for any deposits paid, or if you have been able to get replacements, the cost of such replacements.

Q. What if one of my suppliers is placed into liquidation or goes bankrupt. Will I be covered?

A. Yes, all insurers cover against this eventuality under the Failure of Suppliers section.

Q. What if the bride is pregnant, will she be covered?

A. In most cases yes, but check with your insurer. Normally she will only be covered for pregnancy related claims within a certain period of time in the pregnancy. Some insurers will not cover past 28 weeks.

Q. I’m getting married in January, what if we get snowed in?

A. Most insurers will cover against bad weather in the event that it prevented the majority of guests from reaching the venue. Again, check what your policy says.

Q. What if one of our guests spills red wine on the carpet or accidentally damages the venue?

A. The insurance company will only pay out if you have paid for public liability to cover the entire wedding party.

Q. What if one of the couple isn’t British?

A. As long as one member of the couple usually lives in the United Kingdom, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Wedding Liability Insurance – The Extras

Q. My wedding is taking place in a marquee. Is this covered?

A. Most insurers require you to take out additional marquee cover, which protects against damage and loss of the marquee as well as fixtures and fittings.

Q.  What is ceremonial swords cover?

A. Couples in the military often walk beneath an archway made of ceremonial swords belonging to their regiment. These are very expensive and the cover protects against loss or damage.

Other Circumstances

Q. Both my wedding and my reception are being held on different days, Will I still be covered?

A. This shouldn’t present a problem provided the insurer is informed of both dates although there may be a limit on the amount of days allowed between the two functions.

Q. My partner is in the army; will I be covered if his leave is cancelled?

A. Wedding insurance will normally cover the re-arrangement of the wedding provided the leave had already been granted and there was no inkling of the possible cancellation of leave when the insurance was taken out.

Q. I’m getting married abroad…does wedding insurance cover this?

A. Most policies can be extended to cover a wedding abroad but you will usually need to purchase a separate travel insurance to cover the whole of the trip. You’ll need to check that wedding rings and gifts are covered. Public liability will not usually apply outside of the UK especially in the USA or Canada and this is because of differing law requirements.

Q. Will my honeymoon abroad be covered by wedding insurance?

A. In most cases the answer to this is no and it is suggested that you buy a separate travel insurance.

Q. Does wedding insurance cover a Civil Partnership Ceremony?

A. Yes, the insurance applies the same as of any wedding.

Changing or Cancelling The Policy/Making A Claim

Q. What if I want to cancel my policy?

A. Insurers will allow you a “cooling off period” of 14 days should you wish to cancel your policy, provided no claim has been submitted and the wedding hasn’t taken place.

Q. Can I change my cover?

A. Just contact your insurer if you need to add an addition, such as marquee cover, or if your costs have spiralled and you want to increase the level of your cover.

Q. How do I make a claim?

A. Ring your insurer as soon as you can and upon their instructions you will need to fill in a downloadable claim form. The number to ring should be displayed on your policy or on the insurer’s website.