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Protect Your Big Day From Just £50

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Compare Wedding Insurance

Comprehensive wedding insurance to protect your big day, from £50.

Are you looking for financial cover against the unexpected on your wedding day? If the answer is YES and you would like to compare wedding insurance companies and find the best wedding insurance, then you have come to the right place. Picking the right wedding insurance policy doesn’t have to be a pain.

COVID Update: Most wedding insurers are not accepting new policy sales while they assess the impact of the pandemic.

Total PriceExcessLink

Tier 1
£5,000£50.00£0Visit Insurer Wedinsure

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Tier 2
£10,000£80.00£0Visit Insurer Wedinsure

Read Wedinsure Review

Tier 3
£15,000£100.00£0Visit Insurer Wedinsure

Read Wedinsure Review

Tier 4
£20,000£125.00£0Visit Insurer Wedinsure

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Tier 5
£25,000£150.00£0Visit Insurer Wedinsure

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Tier 6
£30,000£170.00£0Visit Insurer Wedinsure

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Tier 7
£40,000£200.00£0Visit Insurer Wedinsure

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Tier 8
£50,000£300.00£0Visit Insurer Wedinsure

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£2,500£19.44£25Temporarily Unavailable

£7,000£26.29£25Temporarily Unavailable

£10,000£61.97£50Temporarily Unavailable

£10,000£36.79£25Temporarily Unavailable

£12,500£49.00£25Temporarily Unavailable

£12,500£47.32£25Temporarily Unavailable

Level 2
£15,000£80.00£50Temporarily Unavailable

Diamond +
£17,000£57.84£25Temporarily Unavailable

Level 3
£20,000£102.50£50Temporarily Unavailable

£25,000£106.27£50Temporarily Unavailable

Level 4
£30,000£156.00£50Temporarily Unavailable

£32,000£109£50Temporarily Unavailable

£32,000£105.17£50Temporarily Unavailable

£35,000£161.82£50Temporarily Unavailable

Level 5
£50,000£235.00£50Temporarily Unavailable

£65,000£199£50Temporarily Unavailable

Premier +
£65,000£210.35£50Temporarily Unavailable

£100,000£299£250Temporarily Unavailable

Level 6
£100,000£310.00£50Temporarily Unavailable
  • Wedding Insurance FAQs

Wedding Insurance FAQs

Your Questions Answered Everyone thinks it won't happen to them but wedding cars can break down, your photographer may fail [...]

We have compared wedding insurance from all the wedding liability insurance companies in the UK and discovered 4 trusted suppliers who we have reviewed thoroughly so that you don’t have to. We have and reviewed Debenhams, John Lewis, Wedinsure and WeddingPlan wedding insurance policies and listed them in the comparison table above:

But Wait…Before you jump to the comparison table, here are the 3 most important things to bear in mind before you choose your plan:

Cancellation Cover: The value that you will be covered up to on your special day. Premium (Total Price): The one-time payment required to protect your special day. Excess: The one-time payment you have to pay in order to process your claim, if you decide to claim on your policy.

Wedding Insurance Reviews

Best Wedding Insurance Policy

Best Wedding Insurance

Your wedding is likely going to be one of the happiest and most memorable days of your life. But while we’d like to think that everything would go without a hitch, things can unexpectedly pop up. That’s why wedding insurance is so important. By protecting your special day, you can rest safe in the knowledge that any financial losses will be covered.

But when it comes to how to compare wedding insurance and which is the best wedding insurance for you, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider.

We have created this guide on finding the best wedding insurance for your big day to make the process as stress and hassle free as possible. You’ve already got a million and one things to arrange, why let wedding insurance be more difficult than it needs to be?

What Is Wedding Insurance?

Did you know that the average wedding in the United Kingdom costs just shy of £32,000? That is a lot of money to throw down the drain should the worst happen. However, wedding insurance can give you peace of mind that, in the event of a cancellation or something going wrong, you won’t be at a financial loss.

Wedding insurance covers you for a wide range of things such as a venue suddenly being unavailable, damage to outfits or rings, suppliers letting you down and various others. What you get with your policy largely depends on the cover you have chosen and the company you are using.

When you compare wedding insurance, it’s an excellent idea to check out the fine print to make sure that everything is as you expect and there won’t be any nasty surprises.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Compare Wedding Insurance UK

As we have touched upon, wedding insurance will cover a variety of things depending on the policy you take out. For small weddings you may not need as comprehensive cover as if you’re throwing the wedding to end all weddings.

As a general rule, there are different types of cover you can take out which typically include the following:

  • Wedding and event liability: this covers any costs associated with damage to a venue or any injuries that occur to wedding guests whilst on the property that you could be held accountable for.
  • Host liquor liability: this type of wedding cover ensures that you are protected in the event of any alcohol related incidents. This is an important type of cover if you are hosting your wedding on private property or at home.
  • Cancellation and postponement cover: in the event that you need to cancel your wedding or change the date, this type of cover will reimburse any lost nonrefundable deposits you may lose. There is typically a limit on how much you can claim so check this before signing.
  • Cancellation cover: should a key person in your wedding not be able to attend owing to factors such as accidents, illness or death, you can claim back any associated costs. Note that this does not cover the bride or groom in the event that they change their mind.
  • Venue and additional insured liability: In some cases, you may have to provide liability cover for your wedding venue, in which case, these venues must be added to your policy.
  • Special coverage: this type of wedding insurance covers any extras such as special items for the ceremony, wedding dresses and suits, photos, gifts and other extras.

How Long Does Wedding Insurance Last?

Each wedding insurance policy will differ in terms of how long it covers you. However, you’ll generally find that you can take wedding insurance out up to two years before the wedding and be covered for a period of time after the event has taken place.

If you have already made bookings before taking out your insurance, it’s worth checking that these will be covered as not all companies will. In short, you should make wedding insurance one of the first priorities when planning your big day.

Compare Wedding Insurance Protect Yourself

Does Wedding Insurance Cover Covid-19?

When Covid-19 first hit back in 2020, you’d have been hard pushed to find anyone that would offer wedding insurance. After all, there have never been as many cancellations as there were during that time so wedding insurance companies would quite easily have gone out of business with the number of payouts they would have had to make.

However, things are now on the up and you will find it much easier to get wedding insurance compared to a couple of years ago. That said, you’ll probably need to do a bit of research to find the best wedding insurance. Companies like Wedinsure are currently offering wedding insurance.

But what most people want to know is whether their policy will cover issues related to Covid-19 such as cancellations due to illness or the unlikely event of another lockdown.

The bad news is that there aren’t currently any wedding insurance policies that cover losses related to the pandemic. Do keep in mind that this may change as we learn to live with Covid-19 and it becomes a more normal event. We will update you on any changes that happen in the future.

But just because you can’t get Covid cover, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways you can protect your investment should Covid cause a problem.

For example, if you need to make a large purchase for your wedding then use your credit card. This is because you will be covered on purchases between £1000 and £30,000 under the Consumer Credit Act.

It’s also worth making sure that you do the most research possible when you compare wedding insurance. Don’t just buy your policy from the first provider you stumble upon as this could be the worst mistake you ever make. Take a look at reviews and read the fine print for everything.

You might not need to take out separate wedding insurance as some home insurance policies also offer certain types of wedding coverage within what you already pay. This might not cover everything but things like rings that will be kept in your home may be covered.

Do I Really Need Wedding Insurance?

How to compare wedding insurance

We know that your wedding is already costing you an arm and a leg so why on earth would you add any extra costs? This is one of the most common musings of newlyweds to-be; do I really need wedding insurance?

Well, no. You don’t need it, as long as you’re willing to suffer the potential financial implications. If you’re happy to risk your money then you probably don’t need wedding insurance but most people are sensible enough to know that their wedding is an investment they need to protect.

While you are probably doing everything you can to ensure your big day runs smoothly, there are some things that are beyond your control. What happens if a bridesmaid falls ill? What would you do if there was a fire at the venue, rendering it unusable? Would you be able to lose the cost of a deposit should your caterer fail to deliver?

All of these things must be considered when deciding whether or not to take out wedding insurance. But you’ll also want to think about the size and scale of your wedding.

If you’re planning a very intimate family affair that isn’t going to cost the earth, the cover may not be necessary. But if, like many betrothed couples, you want to pull out all the stops, then this won’t come cheap and wedding insurance is something that’s really worth considering.

How Much Will Wedding Insurance Cost?

A lot of people worry that wedding insurance is just another cost that they could avoid. As we have discovered, there are a lot of things that could go wrong so getting cover is important. But how much is it going to set you back?

Well, we have good news! Wedding insurance isn’t as much as you might think. For a typical £20,000 wedding, you might pay as little as £150 for insurance. That’s a drop in the ocean in the scheme of things and an amount you aren’t going to miss from your overall budget.

Do keep in mind that the bigger your wedding gets, the more it is going to cost to insure. For things like liability insurance on a wedding with hundreds of guests, the price will be higher.

How To Find The Best Wedding Insurance

There’s no point in taking out wedding insurance that is more than you need. So, one of the first things you’ll need to do is compare policies and find out exactly what they cover. If you’re having a small wedding then what’s the point in taking out a hugely comprehensive policy that you aren’t going to benefit from?

When you first begin planning your wedding, it’s important to get off on the right footing. Start by making a list of everything you’re going to need to buy; this includes the big things like venue hire, dresses and food down to the finer details like wedding favours and even thank you cards for afterwards. If you have a clear idea of what everything is going to cost, you’ll be able to choose the right cover.

If you find that you go over budget, most wedding insurers will allow you to up your cover for an additional fee.

When you compare wedding insurance, be aware of the fact that there are some offers out there that seem too good to be true. And they probably are. Always check out the small print and don’t be tempted by offers that are a little cheaper. You may find, on closer inspection, that you’re not covered in the ways that you had initially thought.

Do as much research as possible and never be tempted to snap up the first offer you come across. Also make sure that you’re really clear on what will be covered and what won’t. For the most part, there are some things that all insurers won’t protect you from, which include the following:

  • The bride or groom getting cold feet
  • Running out of funds to go ahead with the wedding
  • Damage to wedding attire through cleaning
  • Burglary

Knowing that you have the best wedding insurance for your special day puts your mind at ease. You can then relax and enjoy one of the most amazing days of your life without having to worry about loss of finances.