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We took a quick look at three of the most popular wedding insurance providers, namely Debenhams, Wedinsure, John Lewis, and Wedding Plan to see how they compare.

Wedding Insurance Reviews – What exactly is covered by your policy?

Taking out wedding insurance guarantees peace of mind leading up to your wedding day, should the unexpected happen, and with couples splashing out an average of £30,355 on their big day, insurance is more important than ever. However, what exactly is covered by your policy?

In essence the main differences between the three are in the price of the premiums and the amount of coverage available. However all three insurance plans do cover the following:

1 Cancellation of the wedding or postponement
2 Re-scheduling costs
3 Damage or loss of wedding attire
4 Suppliers or entertainment failing to turn up
5 Photography/video
6 Wedding transport
7 Flowers, rings, cake
8 Wedding presents and attendants’ gifts
9 Personal liability

Wedding Insurance Cover Costs – Pricing (correct at the time of writing)

Different levels of cover are offered with the price of the premiums increasing in relation to the amount of cover chosen. The easiest way to determine which premium you need is to add up the total cost of your wedding and buy the corresponding amount of cover. Out of the three, Wedding Plan have the cheapest and widest range of policies. Their choice of 9 policies starts at less than £20 and rises to up to £210 for a maximum coverage of £65,000. Wedinsure comes in second in terms of policy cost with 9 levels of cover starting at just £29 and rises to £215 for a maximum coverage of £70,000. Debenhams comes in third with 5 levels of cover ranging from less than £59.95 to up to £209.32 with a maximum cover of £60,000. Finally, John Lewis has 6 policies to choose from starting at £60 and rising to up to £310 with a maximum coverage of £100,000. In the event of a claim, there will be an excess to pay in most of the sections which ranges from £25-50 for Debenhams and Wedding Plan (depending on the level of cover) and £50 for all levels with John Lewis, Wedinsure have £0 excess on most of their levels of cover.


All of the providers have various exclusions and limitations, so before making your choice, take care to read the small print carefully.

Additions (correct at the time of writing)

There are also various additions which can be included such as insurance should your marquee get damaged or vandalised, and this costs just £35 from Debenhams rising to up to £50 from WeddingPlan. Should you be having a military wedding, then it would also be prudent to purchase Ceremonial Sword Insurance which will cost less than £40 from Wedding Plan. Finally, for peace of mind you may want to consider Public Liability insurance which covers all of the wedding party should they be held liable for any person being injured, or for any damage done to third party property. Both WeddingPlan and Debenhams charge less than £20 for upgrading their personal liability insurance to public liability insurance, whereas John Lewis policies all come complete with public liability from the outset.

Weddings abroad

If you’re bucking the trend and opting for a destination wedding, then you’ll be pleased to know that all of the above insurers will cover your wedding abroad too.

To sum up, all three insurance providers are very similar in nature and offer bespoke coverage to suit your day. Who you choose depends on your budget and your wedding day specifics.